If we discuss the innovative technique launched recently for the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles, so, the dermaroller treatment in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore, Vizag, Vijayawada stands out with unparalleled therapy. Labelle offers highly-developed collagen induction therapy (CIT) that assists to considerably promote the skin to fix and restore naturally, providing healthier and young-looking skin. At Labelle, the well-experienced and medical certified dermatologist implements remarkably adept dermaroller treatment in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada. The process includes making use of a dermaroller to create various micro-medical penetrations in the skin. This treatment is applied under the supervision of your dermatologist, our specialists at Labelle make use of a contemporary anaesthetic to make the skin senseless and lead the procedure painless. After the effective procedure, your body will start to restore the skin and promotes to the perfect from the profound layers of the skin. However, dermaroller is used by expert dermatologists for treating skin problems.

Dermaroller Treatment

When it comes to the function of dermaroller treatment, a dermaroller is a great device which is rolled on top of the skin that can help to treat your all skin problems. But how exactly does that occur?

The device is turned onto to skin to pierce it. However, these breaks are very little and they are shallow, which consecutively doesn't make this therapy persistent. The piercing procedure of the skin commonly leads to the formation of controlled skin damage. This damage doesn’t lead to any injury to the external stratum of the skin.

The controlled injury to the skin causes outer blood loss. This sets off the body’s injury remedial retort, and the following happens:

  • The skin produces a substance that promotes the development
  • New blood vessels form in the skin
  • The skin gets started to release more collagen
  • More than 5 days, the collagen starts releasing by the body is put down in the part of curative skin.

Process for Treatment of Derma Roller

Treating such bigger skin problems such as microneedling technique itself is pretty small that includes two different steps-

First Step: Given the application of an anaesthetic ointment applied on the face so, that can have a negligible chance of uneasiness.

Second Step: The expert will start rolling the needle turn on top of the skin. The intensity of the needles usually differs and is decided by the specialist that depends on the skin problem of the patient.

Post Method of Dermaroller for Acne Scars

The procedure is very little; on the other hand, it needs proper aftercare-

You should shield your skin from harsh sun rays. For that, apply a good quality of sunscreen as recommended by the expert.

Sometimes there might be gentle redness that continues for a few hours throughout the day. Therefore, the dermaroller treatment for acne scars doesn’t affect your scheduled activities.

Various sittings are essential to cure the area correctly. The sittings are done several times during intervals of 5 to 7 weeks.

FAQ’s – Dermaroller

What areas can be treated through dermaroller treatment?

The areas we treat with the help of this procedure include face, neck, back and chest, but in the most of cases face is treated. If you want to eliminate the acne blemishes, fine lines, skin texture and tightness- we are here at Labelle help you get the best dermaroller for acne scars at best possible rates. The treatment is suitable for all skin types and this is the most effective procedure that leads to glowing skin tones.

What results can be obtained?

At least three sittings treatments are mandatory, up to six to eight weeks are required to get the best results. The results will be positive. With this dermaroller for acne scars, your skin will be undamaged; there will be no sensitivity to the sun and get radiant skins.

Do derma rollers work?

A dermaroller includes plenty of small needles. When we apply this device, these needles draw out micro-wounds on the skin, which in order transmits collagen and elastin creating activity into overdrive to balance as it treats, therefore it provides your skin tone tauter and plumper.

Is a derma roller painful?

However, as dermaroller painful or not that usually depends on what needle volume dermaroller is used. Needles length is around 0.5 mm that causes little pain and leads to feeling pain and anaesthetizing your skin before use is recommended.

What are the benefits you can gain?

The great benefits of this dermaroller treatment at Labelle Clinic are:

  • Quick treatment time with permanent effective results
  • Cost-effective dermaroller treatment cost
  • No pain during the derma roller treatment process
  • An effective way to cure you all skin problems
How long does it take to achieve great results from dermaroller?

It takes almost 48 to 72 hours after the derma roller treatment you will have an increase in collagen formation. It takes around four weeks to get visible results. The new collagen will work for many years, and this is the main reason why this treatment is considered relatively a long-lasting or permanent treatment.