Hair Bonding

Hair loss is a severe medical issue that people must address under medical supervision at the earliest possible. Otherwise, it may lead to complex problems such as alopecia if ignored. One of the effective treatment or solution to hair loss problems is hair bonding. This method gives a quick-time solution to hair fall problems.

Hair bonding breaks the natural bonds of the hair by the use of chemicals to form newer bonds. The newer bonds formed in the process gives growth to straight hairs. La Belle is one of the famous hair bonding clinics in India that can help you make you stylish and make you look elegant and modest.

Hair Bonding Clinic

At our hair bonding clinic, you can avail of a plethora of hair extension facility. We also look after the fact that we do not damage your hair in any way. Our professionals begin the process of hair bonding by cutting some strands of hair at first where they can join the new strands for hair bonding. Also, the adhesive we use for hair bonding is of top-notch quality, so that as we do not like to disappoint our clients by compromising with their hair.

The hair bonding cost in India is a bit too pricey. However, at La Belle, you can avail of the services of hair bonding at affordable packages.

Hair BondingTreatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

You can rely on us for hair bonding treatment because all our professional staff does their job with a lot of commitment and are very skilled. They will always suggest the best way to treat your prized possession, hair, and telling the things to do before and after the hair bonding treatment.

The reasons to choose us are:

  • We have 19 years of experience
  • We have customized solutions for our clients
  • We give treatments under professional supervision
  • We are an organization with ISO 9001 certification

La Belle provides hair bonding treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vijaywada, Secunderabadand Vizag. You will undoubtedly admire the services provided by us and thus can contact our clinic to get the best attendance.

FAQ's - Hair Bonding

Are the chemicals used for hair bonding treatment harmful for the hair?

No, the adhesives used won't damage the natural quality of the hair. We take the utmost precaution with each and every customer.

Is the treatment of hair bonding a permanent or a temporary one?

The treatment of hair bondingis a procedure that lasts for up to 8 weeks with proper treatment.

How do you define the different styles of hair bonding at your clinic?

It is defined according to the color and length of the hair along. Also, the age of the customer is taken into consideration.

How long does the process of hair bonding take to recover?

Well, the results of hair bonding are seen immediately.

What material or chemical do you use for hair bonding?

We use silicone for the hair bonding treatment at our clinic.

Is the hair bonding treatment suitable for people who are prone to allergies?

Yes! The process of hair bonding will not cause your allergies, even if you are prone to allergies. This is a significant benefit to the process.


  • Jaya Sai

    I am Jaya Sai. I have completed my hair fall treatment at labelle Care Vijaywada branch. I am satisfied with the treatment. Hairfall was reduced and i have got some hair regrowth also.

  • Srinivas

    I'm srinivas from machilipatnam. Labelle hair and skin treatment is good and nice follow up with clients. Thanks to Labelle team.

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