PRP Treatment

Whether it is men or women, hair fall can be really bothersome. Whether it is male or female, no one wants to look bald. Hair is the most beautiful asset of one’s body that makes you look visually attractive. The scalp which has lustrous and voluminous hair adds appeal to the overall appearance. Nourished thick hair makes you feel more confident about yourself. The PRP treatment (platelet rich plasma) is the best treatment for hair fall. Unlike hair transplantation, our PRP hair treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai does not involve any surgeries or incisions or risks.

The PRP is basically a concentrated form of the platelets derived from the individual’s body. Platelets are the minute cells in the body which stimulate hair follicle stem cells to multiply rapidly which improves hair volume and thickness.

PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

Labelle is the best centre for PRP hair loss treatments that come at a most affordable price. With Labelle’s PRP treatment for hair loss centers in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, you can easily flaunt your new hair and forget about baldness issues. Labelle has met international standards of quality with skilled specialists, dermatologists etc to help you get back healthy and bouncy hair.

PRP Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

Labelle has various hair clinics spread across cities like Vizag, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Vijayawada. Contact Labelle today for the best PRP treatment for hair loss at low cost. The skilled team have experience of various years in order to help you in getting your hair back. So book your appointment right away and unveil the real you with gorgeous hair.

FAQ's -PRP Treatment

What happens during a PRP treatment procedure?

For the procedure, only 15 to 20 ml of blood is extracted from the individual’s arm. The platelet poor plasma is thrown away while the concentrated platelets are filled with the small needles to get injected. PRP treatment involves injecting the PRP solution full of bio-active proteins in the thinning areas of the individual’s scalp. After the injections, the platelets get activated and they secrete the burst of growth factors which produces new blood vessels along with fresh epidermal and hair cells.

Can PRP treatment help those with genetic hair problems?

PRP Treatment works wonders in cases where the individual suffers from genetic hair loss. Based on the medical history of the individual, scalp infections, hair type, etc. PRP treatment for hair loss is done.

What is the PRP treatment cost?

PRP treatment cost depends on the number of sessions required to completely eradicate baldness. The time duration of each session is only 30 to 40 minutes. But for the best results, it is always advisable to go for the most renowned and famous hair care clinic that offers affordable PRP treatment cost.

Are there any risks with platelet rich plasma treatment?

here are no risks in PRP treatment because the cells are derived from the individual’s own body. However, a minor heaviness, redness or some pain might be experienced in the head area for one or two hours. But those can easily be overcome with a painkiller.

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