Obesity Treatment

Obesity is a complex type of disease that is related to excessive body fat. It needs medical attention as it enhances the risks of other diseases like diabetes, heart problems, high BP, and even cancer in some patients. Thus proper obesity treatment is required to avoid these health troubles. Usually, obesity is caused due to inherited reasons combined with a personal diet and lack of exercise. La Belle is one of the best obesity clinics that deal with it modestly and prevent any health issues related to obesity. With their weight loss programs and prescribed medicines, obesity treatment will be like any other routine healing.

Obesity Clinic

There are innumerable strategies available in the La Belle obesity clinic to reduce your fat with or without the application of any surgery. Many people undergo obesity treatment by a perfect combination of therapy for behavior and lifestyle modification, exercise, and dieting. All the professionals in our clinic are fully certified and have full knowledge of safe and effective weight loss procedures. The doctors in La belle mainly regain the confidence of the obese people in the following way.

  • Modification in the diet through LCDs and VLCDs
  • Adjustments in the behavior and lifestyle
  • Weight Loss Management Programs
  • Prescribed Medications
  • Surgery

Obesity Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

La Belle is one of the largest obesity clinics in India. Our team for handling obesity treatment is full of well-skilled staff and numerous specialties that work together to make sure about the successful recovery of the patients. The happy faces of our patients tell us about their experience in La Belle and the efficiency of all our doctors when they visited one of our obesity clinics. They operate in the following process to reduce your fat.

  • Go through the health history
  • A general physical examination
  • Calculation of your BMI
  • Measurement of the waist circumference
  • Ensuring other Health Problems
  • Blood tests

Honesty and caring are the main two reasons Why Labelle for obesity treatment is so prevalent in all the major cities like Vizag, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vijayawada, Secunderabad and Chennai. So without further delay, call us for an appointment today!

FAQ's - Obesity Treatment

What is obesity?

Obesity is a severe state, where the person has a BMI of 37.5 without any illness. A person with BMI 32.5 along with diseases like hypertension and diabetes are also considered as morbidly obese. Labelle is now considered as one of the best obesity clinics to treat obesity and morbid obesity.

What are the leading causes of obesity?

Genetics, an inactive lifestyle, and psychological factors play a significant role in obesity. Other than these factors, the absence of caloric balance, diseases, and various medications are also responsible for making a person obese.

Which candidates can undergo weight loss treatment to reduce obesity?

People with a BMI of more than 33 or with conditions like hypertension, coronary artery disease, arthritis, diabetes, and sleep apnoea are ideal candidates to undergo weight loss surgery to reduce their obesity. Successful execution of the surgeries is the secret behind why Labelle for obesity treatment is so famous in India.

How Obesity is treated in La Belle?

Obesity treatment depends on the BMI of a person. If the person has moderate to mild obesity, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Lifestyle Modification (LSM) with proper exercise and diet in place. The patient is again reviewed after 3 months by our certified doctors. If there is no weight loss, then they implement pharmacotherapy treatment for obesity treatment.

What are the common treatments for obesity?

Treatment for obesity includes a combination of nutritional modification with diet and counseling support. It also involves consistent exercise routine and changes in the current lifestyle. In some cases, medications are also prescribed. 

Can Obesity Treatment resolve your Health issues?

Obesity treatment has proved to reduce many health issues like heart diseases, blood pressure, and diabetes. Those who have undergone this treatment have ended up consuming fewer medications and leading a healthy life. 

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