Pigmentation Treatment

Do you want to know why the pigmentation treatment is essential?You might not possess acne blemishes or deep grimace marks upon the face, although your irregular skin tint might be an impediment to display your perfect skin. It's something which scores of us suffer from, regardless of age and gender. Hyperpigmentation remains the anxiety of the aforementioned physiological manner, either through the creation of excessively abundant melanin or concerning the uneven spread of that identical melanin across the epidermis. This is revealed by bits of varying dimensions, more or slightly dark, which remain set within the most displayed sections of the physique. Hence, the necessity of hyperpigmentation treatment arrives. And if you transpire to be above thirty, then you are prone to show indications of untimely aging because of sun damage. But with the aid of Revlite Q-switched ND: YAG and Cynosure Elite laser, we may now manage sun blemishes and pigmented sores.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

At Labelle, we are happy to present innovative hyperpigmentation treatment to overcome the epidermis pigmentation, thereby reinvigorating the skin balance. From high-tech beams to topical epidermis care commodities, the highly-skilled specialists here make it conceivable to combat skin pigmentation efficiently. Also, including the state-of-the-art tools, our specially formulated pigmentation strategyeventually delivers a polished complexion. Freckles exist as melanin-containing epidermis cells. And are observed as light rust-colored or tiny tan flaws more usually on faces. These are generally reliable, but some individuals may desire them eliminated. Freckles treatment incorporates laser therapy, powerful pulsed regimen, photo facials plus chemical peel.

Remedies Concerning Skin Pigmentation:

  • IPL:

    Medical Grade IPL or Intense Pulsed Light remains a non-invasive pigmentation treatment that may enhance your epidermis' overall tone and balance.

  • Anti Pigmentation Peel:

    Our Anti-Pigmentation synthetic peel is particularly for offering you the best pigmentation treatment and hastening your skin's genetic rejuvenation means by intensely exfoliating the epidermis.

  • Herbal Green Peel

    It is employed to smooth and improve epidermis plus your complexion.

Freckles Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

La Belle remains the most exceptionalepidermis ministry hub in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vizag, Vijayawada, Secunderabadand Chennai. We also offer the most secure and affordable freckles treatment by the best dermatologists.

FAQ's – Pigmentation Treatment

Is the pigmentation treatment procedure swift?

Yes, the practice offers an immediate return to customary activities. Clients frequently schedule meetings during their breaks and have zero trouble returning to the job afterward.

Does the method ache?

The method is not unpleasant; however, any distress experienced may be relieved, including an ice pack.

Are there some side impacts of hyperpigmentation?

You will undergo a full discussion before therapy to guarantee your suitability. Following the procedure, pigmentation may momentarily seem darker before getting lightened, which is entirely common and indicates the epidermis is healing, petty reddening may additionally occur simultaneously with sparse flaking while the pigmented epidermis is eliminated.

How many sessions do I need & how soon can I see results?

This is based on your epidermis type and epidermis issues. Significant enhancement can be encountered after one sitting; however, many customers book a therapy program for the most reliable results.

Will it demand time to mend? If true, then what period generally?

Healing rate varies from incident to incident, ranging within 4-12 weeks.

What sections of the physique can be managed?

With the approval of your inclination, we can tackle any space that is concerned and assure accurate outcomes.

What remains the range of sphere treated in one appointment?

In one appointment, roughly 80% of the pigmented space may be cleared. Instead, it could also take numerous steps, based on its range.


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