Pigmentation Treatment

Who doesn't want clear and glowing skin, but unfortunately, many aren't blessed with it. Many people in the world are suffering from these pigmentation problems and many times ignore it too, but it should be kept in mind as it might increase seriously if not observed.

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What is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is referred to as excessive accumulation of melanin protein, which is responsible for color in your skin in a particular region. This will affect your skin tone and beauty. It occurs due to many reasons and must be taken care of.

What Causes Pigmentation?

There are various reasons for this particular condition. In many cases, the production of pigment-protein that is melanin is triggered due to extracellular conditions. Such as excessive exposure to sunlight that is UV radiation. Hormonal balance can also be a reason behind this. Genetic factors are also found the culprit in many cases.

There are various antibiotics or anti-seizure drugs that can trigger this condition. Sometimes skin injuries can also be the reason behind pigmentation. Pigmentation Treatment can be costly, but if you visit Labelle, you will be getting the most cost-efficient treatment available. Labelle services are available in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Vijayawada.

Now some of the pigmentation problems and their Pigmentation Treatments are noted below:

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

For the people who don't know what hyperpigmentation is, then it can be simply said as the excessive accumulation of melanin protein in a certain area that causes brown patches on the skin. There is a variety of hyperpigmentation and some which are listed below:

  • 1. Lentigos: They are often misunderstood as aging spots and are the result of excessive exposure to UV radiation or sunlight. They appear as brown patches or spots around your skin. Their target areas are the face, forearms, neck, chest, and dorsal or back side of the hand.
  • 2. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: The main reason behind this type of hyperpigmentation is wounds or some damage to skin that leaves brown or tan patches on the skin when it heals. It is observed that it might also occur due to heavy cosmetics used over sensitive skin.

Melasma Treatment

This usually occurs due to hormonal changes in one's body. This especially occurs in females during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. This Melasma treatment is not possible. It can be stopped from spreading, and the pigmentation can be altered a bit but cannot be cured fully.

Hyperpigmentation treatment has various methods such as Laser pigmentation removal, IPL Skin Rejuvenation, Spectra Laser peel, Herbal Green Peel, Anti Pigmentation Peel, etc.

Freckles Treatment at Labelle

Freckles are sometimes misunderstood as severe skin problems because of their black or brown patch appearance in groups, especially on the face that lowers your beauty. Freckles' treatment is usually very costly and cannot be afforded by middle-class people. But if you reside in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, or Vijaywada, then you can opt for Labelle center as they are very cost-effective.

There are various medications available for Freckles treatment, such as the use of bleaching or say fading creams, use of Retinoids, Chemical peels, etc. Methods such as Q-switched Laser Treatment and Intense Pulsed light treatment.

Now a day's cryosurgery is also performed in which an extremely cold environment is created with the help of liquid nitrogen, and the skin abnormalities are allowed to get freeze. This method does not require the use of anesthesia, as this procedure is painless.

Hypopigmentation treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

Hypopigmentation is a condition in which the skin forms light-colored patches or spots around the skin. This is due to the lack of efficiency of the affected cell to produce melanin protein. This causes due to various reasons, but mainly it is observed that genetic factors play an important role here. It may also be triggered due to infection or can occur on damaged skin due to scars or burns.

Hypopigmentation treatment is often considered as a condition-specific treatment, but some of the general or common techniques used are Dermabrasion, use of chemical peels, laser therapy, use of fading, or lightning gels.

Hypopigmentation treatment is not always needed as the melanin content in the cell recovers or heals after some time. But sometimes the doctor recommends some medications to reduce the white spots or patches. But it is also important to note that they shouldn't be ignored as the people suffering from this condition have a higher risk of skin cancers.

FAQ's – Pigmentation Treatment

What makes LaBelle the best recommendation for Pigmentation treatment?

They work through scientific Pigmentation treatments with the least side effects and even help you adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet that avoids Pigmentation problems.

Is Hypopigmentation harmful?

Usually, they are harmless, but they might be indicative of a person who has skin cancer because people suffering from this condition are more prone to these conditions.

Where are the Pigmentation treatment Centers of La Belle in India?

You can find them in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vijaywada, and Vizag

Does this type of treatment require much time, and does the procedure hurt?

Well, you might not get hurt, but one can feel discomfort, and the period time for this type of treatment is usually very short.

Are there any side effects of the treatment?

Usually, the dermatologist checks the medication suitable for your skin, which does not affect you.