Hair Fall Treatment

What aches your heart more than a breakup? Hair fall, of course –while this may seem like a great funny meme, it does have its fair roots on truth. As our lives grow increasingly complicated, the erratic sleep cycles. Lack of proper nutrition and the ever mounting pile of stress can all leave your tresses in the lurch, with hair fall and premature baldness leading the charge. As of 2019, it has been estimated that at least one-third of our population is battling hair related issues every single day – and yes, it can be both severely debilitating and disheartening,

But wait, with La belle clinic hair fall treatment, help is now finally at hand!

Hair Loss Treatment

Fuelled by cutting-edge stem cells therapy & best experts, here at la belle, we have pioneered the next era in anti hair fall treatment, bringing you safer, hassle-free hair fall treatment that just simply works. With graded equipment, multi-prong techniques & trained experts, our hair loss treatment solutions are world-renowned, earning acclaim & adulation from all around the globe –and yes, we are now in India!

Want to know more about us & our hair loss treatment solutions?

Well then, read on;

Hair Regrowth

Here at La Belle, we understand the fact hair loss can be a seriously traumatic experience, one that can even break you both mentally & physically, affecting your self – esteem & confidence – well, not anymore!

Here at Labelle, our exclusive hair regrowth treatment solutions are crafted to completely cure your hair bothers & not just to hide it – and yes, you have our amazing stem cells hair growth treatment to thank for it. fully painless and totally non – surgical, we employ a unique mix of advanced massages and custom stem cells therapies which when combined, helps to better promote your natural hair’s re-growth by stimulating/rejuvenating your own follicles –leading to a newer set of gorgeous locks that are every bit as original & stunning as you.

Hair Regrowth Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai at Labelle

Fast-acting and hassle-free, tangible results can be observed almost immediately after the hair growth treatment, beginning with a huge decline in hair loss. And by two to three months, your own natural hair will begin to grow back even stronger and thicker -Couple that with regularly nourishing & revitalizing your hair, our hair regrowth treatment experts at La Belle ensures that you will soon get your amazing, and healthy head full of hair in just a few months.

Baldness Treatment

Unlike many hair care clinic spots out there, La belle approaches our baldness treatment solutions with the backing of clear science, promising actual results instead of just empty words or “miracles”.

Putting patients first, our hair regrowth solutions are hassle-free, affordable& convenient. And speaking of convenience, our exclusive hair clinic spots are now open at Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag & Vijayawada

Designed to be as hassle-free as possible, our hair growth treatment comes systematically conceived to reduce the burden on our patients, with custom regimens & easy appointments.

To better prove our point, here’s a quick look at what our hair growth treatment programs typically entails;


First, our experts will begin by assessing your scalp, determining the scale of the hair loss & noting the areas that need special care while sharing the many, many nuances of stem cell hair regrowth is& what it entails

Step 2

Based on the data collected, our experts will then device a specific hair treatment that caters to your needs,

Step 3

At this stage, stem cells are collected from your bone marrow with clear consent and are then reintroduced to your scalp, focussing mainly on the problem areas, readily stimulating their growth.

Step 4

Lastly, we then proceed to monitor the results as they happen. With it getting noticeable after 3 to 4 months, with full restoration at 9+ months.

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Loss at Labelle

Remember; A healthy head of great hair is one of the most attractive features an individual could ever have. So why let the bothers of hair loss & early baldness stop you from feeling beautiful?

With labelle stem cell therapy for hair loss, its time to say goodbye to your thinning/balding head & say yes to stunning locks. Fully painless and non-surgical, our treatment works to better help rejuvenate to your dormant hair follicles, better stimulating hair growth. And since it’s your own hair follicles that are re-growing, and not something artificial, the results too will be pretty phenomenal – yes, even you wouldn’t be able to spot the difference!

So what are you waiting for? Walk into any of our hair care clinic in Bangalore Hyderabad, Chennai, Vizag and Vijayawada and experience the future of hair regrowth treatments. Today!

FAQ's - Hair Regrowth Treatment

To whom this treatment is best for?

Designed to combat alopecia, early balding, receding hairlines, and a lot, lot more, this particular treatment can work on literally anyone as long as they have their hair follicles still intact and alive.

Can this work on older individuals too?

Yes. Though it works better on younger patients, it can still work on older personals as long as they still have their follicles intact.

Will there be any pain or discomfort?

No there will not be. Here at La Belle, we have devised our treatments to be as painless and hassle-free as possible

How long will I need to rest?

You needn’t at all! With next to zero recovery period, you can immediately get back to your life sans ever any restrictions.

How long until I start to see the results?

Though it may vary depending on the patient, results can be expected to be visible from 2 to 6 months post-treatment.

Are the results from la belle Stem Cells therapy permanent?

They sure are. However, regularly repeated sittings are always recommended for more optimal and better results.