Hair Regrowth Treatment

Hair fall is one of the most common problems these days, and it sure is annoying! The increasing pollution, changing lifestyle and junk food is what has contributed to hair problems. On average individuals, lose 80-100 strands of hair, each day and the same is replaced by new hair growth. But when you start losing more hair than what is replaced, the problem arises and it is high time that you should think about hair regrowth treatment.

At Labelle, we offer the best in class hair fall treatment. We have the best-skilled experts who will not only help in your hair regrowth but will also make sure that you can maintain the results. Our branches for hair regrowth treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Vijayawada and here you will get international standard baldness treatment. We have all the state of the art modern machinery and also make sure that none of them bears any side-effects for you.

Hair regrowth is now achievable with different types of treatments. The procedure mainly depends on the type of baldness and the reason behind the same. Experts at Labelle will first conduct a thorough investigation after which the Hair regrowth treatment will be decided by the experts. Along with this, you will have to follow a healthy lifestyle and do some hair exercises that will stimulate regrowth of hair. Maintenance is really very important in the whole process.

Hair Fall Treatment

Multiple factors like lifestyle habits, genetics, stress, nutritional deprivation, etc. can lead to loss of hair to an alarming extent known as balding. It can also occur due to chronic illness and hormonal changes. It is important that you promptly seek expert advice to prevent further hair loss, and promote hair regrowth. This is because hair fall can occur due to multiple reasons as mentioned earlier, and the hair fall treatment of the same will need a separate diagnosis. Experts at Labelle will first understand the underlying cause of the problem, then he or she will analyze the same and they will also evaluate your medical history. With early medical intervention, chances are high that your hair fall problems will get cured.

Hair fall has become really common in our everyday life for both men and women. To solve hair related problems it is important to address the correct underlying issues. Bad habits like smoking, consumption of alcohol, etc can also cause hair fall. At Labelle, we will first assess the reason behind your hair fall and after that, we will come out with the right hair fall treatment suggestions. We may also recommend some tropical medicines that will work effectively to cure your problems.

When the loose strands of hair fall off and are not replaced by newer ones, then problems start occurring. The hair fall treatment conducted at LaBelle will depend on the individual hair problems and hair types.

Baldness treatment

At Labelle, for baldness treatment, we first try to treat patients by giving them topical medications that help in curing such conditions. In case the oral medicines do not work, we will follow it up by hair loss treatment, to revive the lost hair follicles that are the most important part of hair growth.

At Labelle branches located near you in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Vijayawada, we use the best technology and modern machinery so that you can have world-class hair fall treatment in your very own city. We make sure that our state-of-the-art infrastructure facilitates new hair growth, such that you can see visible results in due time.


  • Jaya Sai

    I am Jaya Sai. I have completed my hair fall treatment at labelle Care Vijaywada branch. I am satisfied with the treatment. Hairfall was reduced and i have got some hair regrowth also.

  • Srinivas

    I'm srinivas from machilipatnam. Labelle hair and skin treatment is good and nice follow up with clients. Thanks to Labelle team.

Hair Loss Treatment in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai

All our hair loss treatment for baldness are non-surgical and are done by stimulating your hair follicles. And the best thing about our hair loss treatment methods is that they are superlatively advanced and premium in class, and are carried out with the help of modern technology. But that does not mean that our esteemed patrons need to shell out a fortune, our services are surprisingly very affordable. All you need to do is just visit any of our branches in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, and Vijayawada and reach out to us to know in more detail.

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FAQ's - Hair Regrowth Treatment

What is the best hair regrowth treatment option?

To understand what treatment is best for you, you must first visit an experienced hair care expert. After conducting relevant lab tests, they will be able to recommend which hair growth treatment will work best for you. Reach out to Labelle for reliable and expert advice from industry experts.

How much time does it take to show visible results?

On average, it does take around 3 to 4 months, before you can see visible results on your scalp. Slowly, you will notice lesser hair fall and greater hair growth, which will cure all of your baldness problems.

Am I suitable to undergo hair regrowth treatment?

Anyone who is above 18 years of age and has been suffering from abnormally high hair fall rate and scalp issues like itchiness, redness, scaling or even premature baldness, can check with Labelle team for hair regrowth options.

Why did I lose my hair?

As mentioned earlier, hair fall can occur due to many reasons. The changing lifestyle, consumption of junk food, exposure to pollution, stress, nutritional deficiency, chronic illness, genetics, and hormonal changes are some of the common reasons behind the increasing number of hair fall. At Labelle, we analyze the main reason behind the hair fall problems and give you the right anti-hair fall treatment accordingly.

How much hair loss on a daily basis is considered to be normal?

Given the current situation, an individual can lose up to 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. This gets replaced with the growth of new hair. However, if you are losing hair greater than the above number then that is an alarming situation. It will be the right time for you to visit Labelle immediately and seek help from our experts.

Can I speed up the hair recovery procedure?

Multiple anti-hair fall treatments can help in speeding up your hair recovery procedure. You will need to take some good care of your hair both from outside and inside. Make sure that you are eating healthy food. Also, you can use special oils that will nourish your hair and make it shine. We also have a special re-growth treatment that will serve your purposes.

When to go for hair loss treatment?

You can come to Labelle for a hair regrowth treatment at any point in your life, given the condition that you are not completely bald. Whenever you see that there is an insane hair fall occurring and you are unable to manage the same, then visit us immediately. At Labelle, you will get complete information on the hair regrowth treatments offered by us.

Will it cost me a fortune at Labelle to undergo hair fall treatment?

At Labelle, you will get world-class hair loss treatment services at the most affordable prices. Visit any of our branches situated in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Vizag, or Vijayawada to know in detail. You can even reach out to us through our website for a free consultation to know more about our services and facilities.

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